Our Warranty

All of our warranty programs include the highest quality manufacturer recommended installations.


  • ‘Tier 1’ Warranty Program – Lifetime Labor Warranty (Highest Quality Products Used) with Lifetime Free Annual Performance Evaluations
  • ‘Tier 2’ Warranty Program – 7 Year Labor Warranty (Combination of the Highest and Standard Quality Products Used) with 7 Free Annual Performance Evaluations
  • ‘Tier 3’ Warranty Program – 3 Year Labor Warranty (Standard Products Used) with 3 Free Annual Performance Evaluations


Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. warrants workmanship for the period specified by the program agreed to at the signing of the contract. The warranty starts from the date of completion and will include all labor related defects in workmanship without charge to the purchasing customer.


All care for the products must be completed at the specified intervals according to the manufacturer’s requirements.


Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. reserves the right to direct service to the manufacturer’s representatives when necessary.