Loyal Customer Rewards


We at Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. are established on a foundation of trust and integrity. We believe and are devoted to exceeding the customers’ expectations with the highest quality workmanship, and have positioned ourselves to handle all the needs of their properties.


  • To serve our customers and provide services to their entire property
  • To provide the most complete and cost effective services to our customers
  • To provide custom and personalized service to work with each customer to determine their lifestyle, expectations, schedule and performance goals
  • To provide the highest quality employees available to the industry
  • To provide the most competitive bids on all subcontracted work

Loyal Customer Rewards Program

The loyal customer rewards program was designed to add value to the existing relationship between Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. and its repeat loyal customers. The program is designed to offer additional incentives to continue a long-lasting relationship.


  • 3% Reward credits earned for every dollar spent with Excel Custom Contractors, LLC.
  • 5% Reward credits earned for every dollar spent with Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. with 1 year Service Agreement
  • $25.00 Reward credits earned by referring friends and family members to Excel Custom Contractors, LLC.
  • $100.00 Reward credits earned on all friends and family purchases
  • $150.00 Reward credits earned on the use of Customer Testimonials in any form of Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. advertisement


  • All Reward credits to be applied to future work and not available to current estimate
  • Reward credits can be applied up to 50% of future contract dollar amounts
  • Rewards credits have No cash value, and can only be applied to receive discounts to future work with Excel Custom Contractors, LLC.

Rewards credits can NOT be used in conjuction with any other promotion or discount offered by Excel Custom Contractors, LLC.

Credits to be available as long as program is enforce. Rewards program can be terminated at any time, for any reason and at the sole discretion of Excel Custom Contractors, LLC.


Our Warranties

All of our warranty programs include the highest quality manufacturer recommended installations.

'Tier 1' Warranty Program – Lifetime Labor Warranty (Highest Quality Products Used) with Lifetime Free Annual Performance Evaluations

'Tier 2' Warranty Program – 7 Year labor Warranty (Combination of the Highest and Standard Quality Products Used) with 7 Free Annual Performance Evaluations

'Tier 3' Warranty Program – 3 Year Labor Warranty (Standard Products Used) with 3 Free Annual Performance Evaluations

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Statement of Values

We will provide our customers with honest, professional design ideas with excellent construction practices.

We will help our customers define their remodeling goals and construct plans that best serve the interest of their families, business and properties.

We use a team planning process to positively influence the lives of our customers.

We are committed to the creation, enhancement and preservation of our customers personal and business properties.

We provide our employees, business partners and suppliers with an environment that supports their personal and professional growth.