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Excel Custom Contractors is proud to work with many of the leading manufacturers in all areas of construction.

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Mansfield Products

Everything you need for a beautiful bathroom



Sticking to a budget doesn't have to limit your options. Mansfield's Affordable Style line offers six distinctive collections of coordin

ating toilets, sinks and bathtubs in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. So feel free to fall in love, because with Mansfield, the spa sanctuary you've imagin

ed is entirely within your reach.

The Six Style lines are; Barrett, Enso, Essence, Montclair, Reo and Waverly.

Barrett Suite

Mansfield - Barrett

Enso Suite

Mansfield - Enso

Essence Suite

Mansfield - Essence

Montclair Suite

Mansfield - Montclair

Reo Suite

Mansfield - Rio

Waverly Suite

Mansfield - Waverly

Everyone has a dream of the perfect bath, but all too often, it never makes it to reality. Mansfield puts that dream within reach, with the same gorgeous styling as the famous national brands, but a much lower price. Coordinating toilets, sinks and bathtubs - plus a complete line of air massage baths and whirlpools. Mansfield offers everything you need to create your own personal sanctuary - at prices you can afford.

Mansfield offers more than just good looks. Backed by extensive warranties, you can count on reliable performance for years.

And, with Mansfield, you can skip the wait. Our products are consistently available with shorter lead times, so your dream bath can become a reality that much sooner.

Beautiful design. Reliable performance. Affordable price. With Mansfield, you get the whole package. And, most of our products are made in the USA.


Our Green Commitment

Mansfield Plumbing is committed to the sustainability of the environment in everything we do. We are proud to contribute in the following areas:

Material Conservation
Mansfield is committed to reduce raw materials such as slip, glaze and plaster per ton of boxed product, which in turn reduces the use of water and chemicals for water treatment and the disposition of inert material in landfills.

Kiln Loading Optimization and Detailed Production Scheduling
Mansfield is committed to reducing the natural gas required per pound or ton of product. We have had great results in this area. Our gas consumption is lower than the industry standard for sanitary ware worldwide.

Product Development and Manufacturing

Mansfield is committed to developing products of superior value. All of our toilets are undergoing product improvements in terms of water consumption and flushing performance.  Over the last year we have dramatically increased MaP ratings on all domestically produced toilets, with more improvements to come. Simultaneously we are expanding manufacturing capacity using more energy efficient technologies that generate far less waste. The resulting yield improvement means less scrap going to the landfills.

Operating Efficiency
Mansfield is committed to running more efficently:

  • Lighting: Our objective is to conserve the use of electric energy while improving the lighting conditions of our plant. We will accomplish this by using more efficient fixtures throughout.
  • Compressed Air Optimization and Expansion: Our objective is to reduce the energy required to produce the compressed air required in a per piece basis
  • Waste Heat Recovery: We reuse the energy that comes out of our kilns to heat water and feed our ware driers.

    Mansfield is committed to recycle cartons that we receive from our suppliers and have projects to promote the culture of recycling among our labor force within the plant. All of our fired scrap and used mold are used by a local company to make by-products such as gravel and plaster for soil amendments and fertilizers.

Company History

Excel Custom Contractors was founded by Robert McDonald when he saw a need to provide higher quality service and products in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

The desire was to meet the challenging needs and high level of customer demands with Integrity and superior service. It was with idea of providing ‘custom’ized customer service, to meet the unique individual tastes and product performance goals of his customers. Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. prides itself in doing the best job the right way the first time, this ensures our customers will get what they expect from both their product choices and quality construction installations.

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