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Reports to

Carpenter Supervisor & Carpenter Foreman

Job Purpose

Carpenters possess skills and perform work which is basic to most building construction. They will erect wood and steel framework in buildings; build forms for concrete; and erect partitions, studs, joists, drywall and rafters. Many Carpenters work indoors to install all types of floor coverings, ceilings, paneling, trim, and interior systems. They must be very skillful as "finish" work is visible and often involves expensive materials. All Carpenters use a wide variety of hand and power tools, and they must be able to maintain their tools in good, safe working order.

Key responsibilities

  • Follow and execute direction provided by superiors.
  • Able to work independently and not excessively rely on others for support.
  • Accomplish assigned task and able to engage in other task without direction.
  • Demonstrate initiative at job sites.
  • Maintain a clean, safe and efficient work area.
  • Perform solid acceptable work consistently.
  • Ability to solve math problems quickly and accurately.
  • Posses aptitude for learning and application of newly acquired skills.
  • Assist Carpenter Supervisor and Foreman.

See ‘Key responsibilities’ supplement (operations manual).

Working Conditions

Carpenters usually work with or around other construction tradesmen. They work indoors and outdoors, often in tight places, and must be able to adapt to a wide variety of conditions. All carpenters have to do considerable climbing, lifting, and carrying to perform their work. They must also be able to do a great deal of reaching, balancing, kneeling, crawling and turning.

Education and Training

To become a Carpenter one must demonstrate proficiency as a Carpenter Apprentice and as a craftsman must illustrate an average knowledge of all facets of a particular trade and do noticeably good work. A Carpenter should have full knowledge of carpentry tools and skills. Typically a Carpenter has a minimum of 3+ years in the trade.

Advancement Potential

To become a skilled Carpenter training is essential. It can be acquired informally through "learning-by-working;" through company on-the-job training programs, by attending trade or vocational/technical schools; through registered labor-management apprenticeship programs, or a combination of the above. It is generally accepted that the more formalized training programs give more comprehensive skills training. Recommended high school courses include algebra, general science, mechanical drawing, English, blueprint reading, and general shop. A carpenter who exhibits above average proficiency in the trade and consistently demonstrates initiative and leadership who gets the job done properly and on schedule, and who works to improve his/her skills will often be in line for promotion to Carpenter Supervisor.

Pay Scale

Range is $12-$20/hr


Company History

Excel Custom Contractors was founded by Robert McDonald when he saw a need to provide higher quality service and products in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

The desire was to meet the challenging needs and high level of customer demands with Integrity and superior service. It was with idea of providing ‘custom’ized customer service, to meet the unique individual tastes and product performance goals of his customers. Excel Custom Contractors, LLC. prides itself in doing the best job the right way the first time, this ensures our customers will get what they expect from both their product choices and quality construction installations.

Statement of Values

We will provide our customers with honest, professional design ideas with excellent construction practices.

We will help our customers define their remodeling goals and construct plans that best serve the interest of their families, business and properties.

We use a team planning process to positively influence the lives of our customers.

We are committed to the creation, enhancement and preservation of our customers personal and business properties.

We provide our employees, business partners and suppliers with an environment that supports their personal and professional growth.

Our Standards

High Level of communication

All Employees are background checked

Complete Safety program in place

Quality Team Approach to Service